Community Transit



Because telling their story
is the best way to tell our own

Riders and community leaders share their comments about Community Transit, the services we provide and the impact to their lives and organizations. Those thoughts are best captured in their own words.

How does Community Transit help you connect with work, friends and family?

Does our service allow you to arrive at your destinations with less stress and more time for yourself?

Do you use public transit for cost savings or environmental reasons?

What does Community Transit mean to you?

Bike commutes offer exercise and convenience

Community Transit riders share the benefits of incorporating their bikes into their daily commute on our regular fixed route coaches, Swift bus rapid transit or just bicycling.

Easy connections are dependable, reliable

With a bus almost every 5 minutes, Dan can rest assured he'll arrive at work in Seattle on time.

I choose Community Transit

Using a public transit system instead of her personal vehicle, Jo saves money on gas and insurance.

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