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Fall 2012 Service Changes

September 17, 2012

11:08 AM

There will be minor route and schedule adjustments to Community Transit buses taking place on Oct. 1.

Commuters to downtown Seattle need to be aware that the downtown Seattle Ride Free Area will be eliminated Sept. 29.

Riders can get the new schedules online or in the new Bus Plus schedule book, available on buses.

In addition to schedule adjustments on many routes, there will be a some minor route changes.

McCollum Park

Route 105 and 115 buses will no longer drive into the McCollum Park Park & Ride in south Everett.

North Smokey Point Stop Revisions

Route 240 buses will no longer serve the three stops just north of the Stillaguamish Senior Center in Smokey Point. Those stops will continue to be served by Route 220.

Route 280

The Route 280 reroute on Highway 9 and Lundeen Parkway will become the permanent routing for all trips.

Seattle Ride Free Area Elimination

When the downtown Seattle Ride Free Area goes away, all bus riders will be required to pay on entry downtown. Community Transit does not charge a local fare in Seattle, so all bus riders must pay a commuter fare.

Also, Lynnwood-bound riders boarding Routes 421, 422 and 425 will need to tell the driver they are going to Lynnwood before paying their fare. Fareboxes on these buses are set to the higher commuter fare and must be reset for Lynnwood-bound customers.

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