Community Transit


Darrington Service

Route 232 Service on Highway 530

While construction continues on Highway 530 east of Oso, Community Transit operates Route 532 service between Darrington and Smokey Point.

Route 232 provides two roundtrips between Darrington and Smokey Point each weekday. See the schedule below.

On September 29, Route 232 will be replaced with Route 230, which had operated between Darrington and downtown Arlington prior to the mudslide.

Route 230 will operate two trips each weekday between Darrington and Smokey Point. The route number is changing because this will no longer be considered "special" service. Construction on Highway 530 is expected to be completed by the end of September or early October.

Be aware that the trip times for Route 230 will be different than Route 232.

At Smokey Point, riders can transfer to Routes 201/202 to get to Marysville, Everett or Lynnwood; or Route 240 to get to Warm Beach and Stanwood.

Route 232 serves all stops now served by Route 220 and Route 230, with the exception of the two stops at Hwy 530 & E. Post Rd., which will remain closed until Highway 530 is fully opened in both directions.

Community Transit continues to offer vanpool options to residents of Darrington and Oso, as well as to all residents within Snohomish County.

Senior Services of Snohomish County may have resources available to assist those with special transportation needs in this area. Please call Senior Services at (425) 347-5912 or 1-(800) 562-1381 for more information.

Route 232 Schedule

To Darrington, Monday-Friday




Smokey Point 204th & 67th Broadway & Gilman Hwy 530 & Oso Hwy 530 & Swede Heaven Rd Darrington & Givens
AM 5:42 5:50 6:03 6:19 6:36 6:52
PM 5:42 5:50 6:03 6:19 6:36 6:54


To Smokey Point, Monday-Friday




Darrington & Givens Hwy 530 & Swede Heaven Rd Hwy 530 & Oso Broadway & Gilman 204th & 67th Smokey Point
AM 7:30 7:39 7:56 8:13 8:23 8:43
PM 7:32 7:41 7:58 8:15 8:25 8:45