Van GO Grants Keep Our Community Moving

What is Van GO?

VanGOVan GO originated in 2000 following route cuts and eliminations due to the passage of I-695. At its regular February 3, 2000 meeting, Community Transit’s Board of Directors unanimously approved a staff proposal that six wheelchair accessible minibuses and six 15-passenger vans be granted to qualifying non-profit organizations throughout Snohomish County. The goal was to ease some of the pain for senior citizens, the disabled and youth caused by the service cuts.

Vehicle Descriptions

Vehicles that are earmarked for surplus auction are instead granted to non-profit agencies. Usually, retired Community Transit vans sold at auction net a few thousand dollars each for the agency. By granting some of these surplus vehicles to community groups, they can continue to provide many times that value in transportation services.

The 2016 Van GO recipients are briefly described below: 

Catholic Community Services 
Catholic Community Services will use this van to support the residents of their new housing project in Lynnwood: Sebastian Place. With their new van, CCS will provide over 2,300 safe, convenient and reliable trips for previously homeless and disabled veterans to necessary social, medical and mental health services. 

Community Resource Foundation 
Community Resource Foundation’s programs foster a healthy community for the Stanwood Camano area. This van will provide almost 1,300 trips for needed transportation services for adults and teens with disabilities.   

Goodwill Industries 
Goodwill Industries provides job training for youth at risk, low income and homeless individuals. They will utilize this van for over 8,700 trips transporting workers from around the county to the Goodwill worksite on Casino Road. 

Housing Hope 
Housing Hope’s mission is to promote and provide safe, decent and affordable housing to low income residents. They will use this 7-passenger van to transport clients from Monroe, Sultan, Stanwood and Lynnwood to their College of Hope adult life skills training programs providing 945 trips in the next year.  

Mountlake Terrace Senior Community Group 
Mountlake Terrace Senior Center provides services to the seniors of Mountlake Terrace and the surrounding communities including nutrition programs, health and wellness classes and entertainment. The senior center has partnered with two other programs to utilize this van providing almost 2,000 trips over the next year for the entire community. 

Park Ridge Community Church 
Park Ridge Community Church offers early education services to children around the Bothell area of south Snohomish County. This van will be used to provide over 3,600 trips to children who would otherwise not have access to their programs. 

Seattle Area Youth for Christ 
Youth for Christ’s mission is to reach high-risk youth to grow academically successful, emotionally healthy and spiritually attuned people who will contribute positively to their communities. They will use this van for over 1,900 trips to participants of their City Life program in Monroe which offers friendship, tutoring and life skills assistance.

Senior Services of Snohomish County 
Senior Services of Snohomish County promotes independence, preserves dignity and enhances the quality of life through the provision of services for older adults and people with disabilities. Their Transportation Assistance Program will use this van to provide over 2,600 trips to their clients for medical, employment and recreational purposes. 

Village Community Services 
Village Community Services will use this van to address the shortage of transportation resources for adults with significant developmental, mental health and physical disabilities in north Snohomish County. They expect to provide almost 2,200 trips in the next year to the many participants of their residential program. 

Young Life Capernaum Snohomish County 
Young Life Capernaum creates a secure environment to provide care and support for teens and young adults aged 15-26 with physical or mental disabilities. They plan to use this 7-passenger van to provide 721 trips to this nurturing program for youth from Lake Stevens, Edmonds, Granite Falls, Monroe, Mill Creek and Everett to help them better navigate the turbulence of their unique adolescence.