Bringing You Home

"I'm Community Transit. And I ride it." Real people. Real stories.

Bringing You Home from Community Transit on Vimeo.

For over 40 years, Community Transit has been honored to provide safe, reliable and friendly service to Snohomish County. We've come a long way in four decades! Our fleet has grown to include the Swift Blue Line, Washington State's first bus rapid transit line, Double Tall buses with big views and a small footprint, DART (Dial-a-Ride Transit), and Vanpool vehicles. Thank you to the people who make it possible for us to serve our community ... our riders. We are honored with the responsibility you have entrusted in us to take you out in the world each day, and to bring you home again.

We talked with some of our riders recently, and they had great stories about the surprising benefits of using our services. From commuters to students to seniors, they shared their stories of connection, empowerment and freedom. We're excited to share them with you. Look for these stories here on our website, our blog, and our social channels over the next few months. And feel free to share your stories with us, too! We'd love to hear them.

Meet our riders!

Double Tall RiderDeedra B.  |  Double Tall Rider

"I have sat upstairs before and yeah, the view is awesome. I'm so much more comfortable on this bus as far as leg room, and I don't have to worry about the traffic. It's stress free."


Shawn M.  |  Vanpool Rider

"There are the obvious cost benefits, and avoiding the wear and tear on your own vehicle. And then there's the other benefit of doing something good for the environment, knowing that there's not 12 cars on the road and instead you're all combining into one."


Kelvin N.  |  Bike & Bus Rider

"Incorporating a bike into my commute is a way of getting exercise daily without extending a day. I love having that as part of my commute."

BringingYouHome-DARTRiderThumbnailLeigh S.  |  DART Rider

"I am a volunteer with one of the local animal shelters and use it to get to and from. I also use the system sometimes to go out and meet friends."

BringingYouHome-SwiftRiderThumbnailMina O.  |  Swift Bus Rapid Transit Rider

"I don't have to worry about safety; it's really safe. Also, I don't drive so I can just study while riding the bus, and I can hang out with my friends."