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Route 113: Three Stops Closing on 36th Ave W. Due to Construction

Jun 14, 2019, 01:13 PM

Wednesday, June 19 marks the start of road construction on southbound 36th Ave W in Lynnwood. This phase of the project is expected to continue through Spring/Summer 2020.

During this project, bus stops will be closed and relocated as work moves along the corridor. Rider alerts will be updated accordingly.

As of Wednesday, June 19, the following Route 113 stops will be closed during the project:

  • Stop #1102 (southbound 36th Ave W at 167th)
  • Stop #1103 (southbound 36th Ave W at 172nd)
  • Stop 1104 (southbound 36th Ave W at 176th)

What to expect:

  • A stop platform will be located just south of 173rd SW and it will have a blue Temporary Stop marker. This marker will shift within a range of 100 feet immediately south of 173rd.
  • If you are on the west side of 36th Ave W., please cross at the 36th Ave at an intersection and use the sidewalk along the east side of 36th to access these southbound stops:
    • Stop #1101 (36th Ave W at 165th Pl SW)
    • Stop #1107 (36th Ave W at 180th Pl SW)
    • Variable Temporary Stop located immediately south of 173rd Sw (this stop replaces Stop #1103)

Thank you for your patience and cooperation during this time!