Rider Alerts

Rtes 115, 116, 119: Intersection Improvement Project Will Close Stops in Edmonds

May 4, 2017, 01:45 PM

Major construction is underway at 76th Ave W at 212th St SW in Edmonds. This work is expected to continue into December.  As a result, stops may be closed periodically throughout the project or for the entire project, depending on the Route. Please see below for details.

Routes 115 & 116

For Routes 115 and 116, these stops may be closed depending on construction:

  • Stop #286 (Eastbound 212th, opposite 77th Ave W.)
  • Stop #2284 (Westbound 212th, west of 78th Ave W.)

Please plan to board Routes 115 & 116 at these alternative stops:

  • To Edmonds Community College, Lynnwood Transit Center or Alderwood Mall:
    • Stop #283 (eastbound 212th St SW, just east of 80th Ave W.)
    • Stop #2662 (eastbound 212th SW, opposite 74th Ave W.)
  • Route 115 to Aurora Village; Route 116 to Edmonds:
    • Stop # 1663 (westbound 212th St SW,. just east of 74th Ave W.)
    • Stop #1662 (westbound 212th St SW, just west of 80th Ave W.)

Route 119

Two stops served by Route 119 will be closed completely until the project is completed in December 2017:

  • Stop #1255 (southbound 76th Ave W, south of 212th St SW.) 
  • Stop 768 (northbound 76th Ave W, North of 212th St SW.)

Please plan on boarding Route 119 at these alternative stops:

  •  To Perrinville, 168th Street, 148th St SW, Ash Way Park and Ride:
    • Stop ID # 764 (Northbound 76th Ave W, at the hospital)
    • Orange Temporary Stop Marker on Northbound 76th Ave W. (Iimmediately south of 210th St SW.)
  • To Mountlake Terrace:
    • Stop #1263 (Southbound 76th Ave W., just south of 210th St SW.)
    • Stop# 1264 (southbound Ave W, just south of 216th St SW; opposite hospital).
Thank you for your cooperation and patience.