2,4,6,8, Who Do We Appreciate? Our Drivers! Our Drivers! Our Community Transit Drivers!

2,4,6,8, Who Do We Appreciate? Our Drivers! Our Drivers! Our Community Transit Drivers!

Transit Driver Appreciation Day is March 18. A simple "thank you" is always appreciated. Here, we talk about how to write a commendation that helps your favorite driver earn recognition and service awards at the agency.

Note: This post was originally published March 2015. However, it has stood the test of time, with a small update or two. Don't forget Transit Driver Appreciation Day is March 18!

Today is the day. You've decided you're finally going to let us know how much you appreciate your bus driver. You grab a cup of coffee, sit down at your computer, open up a new document, and this happens:

Screenshot of a Word document on a computer

Writer's block! 

Commendations don't have to be formal or lengthy-- just speak (or, in this case, write) from the heart and go from there. Here are some examples of actual commendations our coach operators recently received:

"I ride the route 412 that leaves McCollum Park and Ride at 6:47 a.m. I must compliment our bus driver. He is kind, cautious and makes sure we arrive on time. He goes out of his way when bus riders ask him for help. On January 9, he did an act of kindness that shouldn't go unnoticed. Please let him know I say thank you!"

"On February 14 I rode the northbound 116 that arrived at Ash Way Park and Ride at 19:02. The 116 was a little late arriving and I needed to catch the northbound 201. Sarah, the operator of the 116 honked at the 201 and got that driver's attention so he waited and I was able to make my connection. This really made my Valentine's Day!"

"I ride the first southbound 880 at 5:40 a.m. from 35th and 148th. The operator of this route is very friendly and a good driver. He makes the ride fun. Please let him know I think he's great!"

"I want to commend the driver of the route 115 on January 30 as he was amazing. He took the time to explain to me how to ride a different bus, explaining the map, and even tried to hold the other bus for me. I really appreciated his help."

Key pieces of information to have in your commendation:

We need the following information so we can identify the driver and ensure they get their praise:

  • Driver name (if you know it)
  • Route and Direction of Travel
  • Date and Time (especially if you want to point out a specific act of awesomeness)
Commendations are gathered and shared with drivers through a formal letter (example pictured below), and put in their employee file. Your praise earns the driver recognition and service awards.

Example Letter of Commendation

Where to send your words of praise

You can:

  • Call us at (425) 353-RIDE (7433)
  • Email it to Riders@commtrans.org
  • Cut & paste it into this online form.
  • Or, mail it to Community Transit, 7100 Hardeson Rd., Everett, WA 98203

Remember, commendations are accepted and welcome year-round and not just on Transit Driver Appreciation Day, which is March 18.

Have you written a commendation lately? What writing tips do you have for others?

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