New on-demand bike lockers arriving at Ash Way Park & Ride

New on-demand bike lockers arriving at Ash Way Park & Ride

Designed to increase usage and provide a better customer experience, new on-demand bike lockers will launch at the Ash Way Park & Ride, with installation beginning this weekend. The lockers, operated by BikeLink, are the same type already available at the Aurora Village Transit Center and other King County Metro and Sound Transit locations around the region.

Following Ash Way, where the old bike lockers have been removed, Community Transit plans to deploy the lockers at many of its other facilities, including:

The Lynnwood Transit Center deployment will be in advance of the arrival of light rail in Snohomish County and Sound Transit’s installation of their BikeLink lockers at the train station.

To use the lockers, customers will buy a prepaid BikeLink RFID card, similar to an ORCA card, find an empty locker, insert their card into the reader, enter the time they need and pay 5 cents an hour (50 cents for a 10-hour period), close and lock the locker and hop on transit. BikeLink staff provides online and telephone customer service for bike locker users 24 hours a day.

Ultimately, the new lockers will be easier to use with no contracts and more flexibility. Customers pay only for the times they use the lockers, increasing the number of people able to use them.

Also, in addition to Community Transit locations, the BikeLink card is valid at transit facilities around the region.

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