From the CEO: Thank You

From the CEO: Thank You

As we reach the Thanksgiving holiday and season of gratitude, let’s pause, reflect on the past year and marvel at the journey we have traveled together. 2021 has been one of the most unusual years we’ve ever had.  It began in the depth of the pandemic, when hope seemed fleeting. As the year wore on, the promise of moving beyond the pandemic seemed at hand. Those thoughts were dashed by the Delta wave, and we’ve finished the year focused on vaccine clinics, regulatory approvals and booster shots.

Through it all, Community Transit employees have been resilient, dedicated, and steady. Through all of 2021, and 2020 before that, our team delivered critical transit service every single day. They’ve maintained and cleaned buses and stations, stayed focused on health practices, and driven those buses through good weather and bad, traffic of all kinds, through the early morning light and the early fall darkness, to get our riders where they want to go. I am deeply grateful – and proud – of Community Transit employees for providing those strong, dependable connections across Snohomish County over a year of tumult.

To our riders, I also express thanks.  You have stayed with us, showing patience and cooperation as the pandemic evolved. We are grateful to you for trusting us even during the times when it has been difficult to venture out of our homes and personal spaces. We’ve worked hard to keep you safe with clean buses, extra masks on board, and upgraded air filtering systems for everyone’s safety. And your responsive commitment to following safety measures while riding has helped us, together, ensure that public transit has remained safe for everyone.

The many elected officials who serve our region also deserve our thanks for their leadership during tough times.  They have worked to provide supportive policies and critically needed funding.  In fact, our delegation in the U.S. Congress notably just passed – and President Biden signed – the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA). This new law enables Community Transit to grow essential transportation services for Snohomish County as we join the effort to address climate change and secure a sustainable future.

It’s been a year of hope and challenges, but the future is bright. Light rail is coming, and with it comes a once-in-a-generation opportunity to upgrade our network here in Snohomish County.  So we are working hard to improve our services to better meet the community’s needs. Through December 17, we’ll be looking for your feedback as we make plans for a newer bus-rail transit network in 2024. I hope you’ll take a few minutes to fill out our survey. Community Transit will play an integral role in designing new connections within communities and in connecting to fast, frequent regional rail line. It’s exciting to think about the opportunities ahead and the many new and improved ways we can serve the region.

In the meantime, on behalf of Community Transit, I want to thank the employees, partners, and customers we are privileged to work with every day, and look forward to seeing more of you in the coming year.

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