May is Bike Everywhere Month! Are you ready to win?

May is Bike Everywhere Month! Are you ready to win?

Even though it’s only April, Community Transit wants you to know that this upcoming May is Bike Everywhere Month. It takes time to dust off a bike after a winter in the garage, so we’re sharing some of the reasons to get ready. 

Preparing for Bike Everywhere Month

Get ready to win

This year Community Transit will host a competition via RideshareOnline for people working or living in Snohomish County.

During the month of May, we’ll award prizes to:

    • the top 10 individuals who bike the most miles
    • the top 10 individuals who get the most rides in (of any length)
Prizes include a fully loaded ORCA card with a full month paid fare, an on-demand bike locker card, and more! Just create an account, join the challenge, and track your bike trips in May to be eligible! (See below for FAQ). 

Get ready to ride

Biking isn't just fun — it also easily combines with Community Transit bus routes to get you farther. Watch our tutorials on loading your bike onto Community Transit's different buses, including Swift. Best of all? Bikes don't cost extra to bring along!

Map your path

Not only do our buses make it easy to take your bike farther, but our routes also serve many of Snohomish County’s amazing bike and pedestrian trails. Check out routes like the Interurban Trail, Centennial Trail, and more with our Community Transit bike maps.

Explore bike storage options

Worried about where to store your bike at a destination? We’ve got you covered – check out information on our bike locker program to learn how you can securely store your bike at park and rides or bus stations. 

Brush up on the basics

Check out our Bike Commuting Basics to make sure you’re ready to get rolling.

Bike Everywhere Month Competition FAQs

Am I eligible?

If you work, live or both in Snohomish County, you’re eligible to compete.

How do I sign up?

Visit and create a profile if you do not have one.

You will need to provide your:

- name
- email address
- phone number
- work & home address

Community Transit will use this information to contact you if you win. 

After you are logged in and have created your profile:

- Click ‘Taking up a challenge? Join the challenge and get started.’
- Click ‘Bike Everywhere Month 2022’ option
- Click ‘Join Challenge’

If you work in Snohomish County, using your work email will connect you to the correct RideshareOnline geography and speed up the sign-up process. There is also a handy “?” button with questions and answers that you’ll see after you log into RideshareOnline or check out our guide for how to sign up and log trips.

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