Community Transit Rules of Conduct make for a safe and welcoming ride

Community Transit Rules of Conduct make for a safe and welcoming ride

Like other transit agencies, Community Transit has Rules of Conduct for all riders and employees. The rules were created to make sure everyone who rides the bus feels safe and comfortable. After all, we are all on the bus together! So, let’s make it a pleasant ride.

Many of the rules may seem like common sense, or simply courtesy. You can think of them as the roadmap you must follow so that everyone has a great experience on the bus. And, when you follow the Rules of Conduct, the bus driver can focus on safely driving the bus. Here’s a short list of easy-to-remember rules:

  • Pay your fare. Did you know youth 18 and under ride free now?
  • Respect others. No harassment or fighting.
  • Wear headphones. This makes for a quiet ride!
  • No smoking, vaping, marijuana, drug or alcohol use.
  • No loitering camping or lying down.
  • Take litter with you when you leave.

These rules apply on the bus, at bus stops and at any transit facility.

We count on you to do your part in keeping the bus safe. Bus drivers, transit employees and transit police help enforce these rules. Other local agencies may have additional rules.

Do you feel like you want to do an even deeper dive into the Rules of Conduct? See the full list here, or visit

Together, we can make sure everyone feels welcome on the bus!

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