Take transit to UW
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Take transit to UW

As new school year starts, here’s how to get to campus

With the new academic year starting, many students and staff are returning to the U District this week.

The transit ride to UW from Snohomish County involves a bus-light rail connection at Northgate Station. If you’ve never experience Link light rail, you are in for a treat.

Whether you are a freshman, a returning student or work on campus, there are two options for getting to campus. The U District Station drops you off in the heart of the funky district with a quick walk or bus ride to the west side of campus. The University of Washington Station drops you off by Husky Stadium and the UW Medical Center, with a quick walk onto the south side of campus.

UW students and staff get an ORCA card on their Husky card in the form of U Pass. It allows for seamless no-contact fare payment on buses and light rail.

There are eight routes from Snohomish County to Northgate Station. From there, it is a quick ride to the UW campus and vicinity:

  • Route 810 from McCollum Park to Northgate Station via Mariner PR and Ash Way PR
  • Route 821 from Marysville to Northgate Station
  • Route 860 from McCollum Park to Northgate Station via Mariner PR and Ash Way PR
  • Route 871 from Edmonds Park & Ride to Northgate Station via Mountlake Terrace TC
  • Route 880 from Mukilteo to Northgate Station via Swamp Creek PR and Ash Way PR
  • Route 511 from Ash Way Park & Ride to Northgate Station vi Lynnwood TC and MLT TC
  • Route 512 from Everett to Northgate Station via Ash Way PR & Lynnwood TC
  • Route 513 from Seaway Transit Center to Northgate Station via Eastmont PR, Ash Way PR, Lynnwood TC and MLT TC



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