Take our van to work; 3-person vanpools now available

Take our van to work; 3-person vanpools now available

Lower vanpool requirements can save you money

Share a ride with co-workers and save money!

Recognizing changes in office work habits, Community Transit is making its vanpools more accessible to people with limited work schedules to meet today’s commute demands.

Community Transit has lowered the number of people required for a vanpool from five to three people. Plus, a three-day work week fare has been created for those traveling to the office less than four days per week.

Community Transit’s Vanpool program provides safe, reliable vans so groups can commute together to save time, money, and reduce fuel consumption. One low monthly fare covers all expenses needed to keep your van on the road, including gas, maintenance, and insurance.

If you live near some of your co-workers, a vanpool is a great way to commute on your own schedule. Many companies make it easier for their employees to vanpool by paying the fees or providing prime parking spots.

If you don’t know coworkers who live nearby, Vanpool program staff can help you start a new vanpool or find an existing pool to join.

To qualify for a Community Transit Vanpool, your commute must start or end at a location within Snohomish County.

Learn more about how vanpools work by visiting communitytransit.org/vanpool or calling (425) 438-2867.


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