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BusFinder BETA

Community Transit's web app, BusFinder, was introduced in the spring of 2014. Its claim to fame was its use of real-time information to show the location of our buses and their departure times.

Since then, technology on our buses has improved and the data provided is more accurate. Our customers need better web experiences, visually and functionally, to get from where they are to where they want to be.

With all this in mind, we've rebuilt BusFinder from the ground up and now you can give it a test drive-- introducing, BusFinder BETA!

What’s new about BusFinder BETA?

BusFinder BETA on website

  • Use your device’s current location (GPS) data to find the nearest Community Transit bus or stop.
  • An interactive map is loaded with real-time data, including:
    • current traffic conditions
    • routes
    • stops
    • landmarks
    • bus locations
    • rider alerts specific to your route
  • Search by bus stop, bus route, address, intersection or location name.
  • Save your most used Routes or Stops under “Favorites” which you can name, list and move around for easy access.
  • View estimated departure time for your bus based on live data with a countdown that updates automatically.
  • See beyond the “next bus” to future bus arrival times, other routes serving your stop or find other bus stops with estimated walking time to get there.
  • Real-time rider alerts


25 Reasons Why BusFinder (BETA) is Better

General Improvements
More Ways to Search
Favorites: Make Them Truly Your Own
Maps That Interact With You
Bus Location: When, Where and How Far
Schedule Information

BusFinder BETA FAQs

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How do I re-center the map on my current location?
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