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Bus Stop List

Below is a list of every bus stop along each Community Transit bus route.

New Stop Names. Over time, street names have changed and roads have been added since many of these stops were first installed. Name changes took effect on September 20, 2020 and are up-to-date in our BusPlus book, online schedules and Trip Planner. 

Every bus stop has a stop number on the stop pole facing the street and on the posted bus schedule (e.g., Stop #1234). These stop numbers can be used in BusFinder and the Trip Planner to get schedule information.

Other transit agency bus stops (e.g., Everett Transit or Metro) post their own stop numbers, which do not necessarily correspond to Community Transit’s stop numbers. The lists on this page show the Community Transit stop number for that bus stop, even if it is not posted at the stop.

A cross-reference list of Metro stop numbers with Community Transit stop numbers is available here.             

How to use this Bus Stop List:

  1. Select a route from the dropdown list
  2. Find the direction you are traveling.
  3. Bus stop names are listed by primary street (the street on which the bus runs) and the nearest cross street or landmark.

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Swift Blue Line

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Swift Blue Line - North to Everett Station

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Stop Location Stop # (Poster) Plan Trip
Aurora Village Station 2742 To / From
238th St SW NB Station 2747 To / From
Gateway NB Station at 216th St SW 2753 To / From
Heron NB Station at 200th St SW 2761 To / From
Cherry Hill NB Station at 176th St SW 2767 To / From
148th St SW NB Station 2777 To / From
Lincoln Way NB Station 2779 To / From
Airport Road NB Station 2781 To / From
112th St SW NB Station 2783 To / From
4th Ave W NB Station 2787 To / From
Casino Rd NB Station 2795 To / From
Madison St NB Station 2807 To / From
50th St NB Station 2815 To / From
40th St NB Station 2819 To / From
Colby Ave NB Station 2835 To / From
Everett Station 2837 To / From

Swift Blue Line - South to Aurora Village Transit Center

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Stop Location Stop # (Poster) Plan Trip
Everett Station 2838 To / From
Wetmore Ave SB Station 2836 To / From
41st St SB Station 2820 To / From
50th St SB Station 2816 To / From
Pecks Dr SB Station 2810 To / From
Casino Rd SB Station 2796 To / From
4th Ave W SB Station 2788 To / From
112th St SW SB Station 2784 To / From
Airport Road SB Station 2782 To / From
Lincoln Way SB Station 2780 To / From
148th St SW SB Station 2778 To / From
International SB Station at 174th Pl SW 2770 To / From
Crossroads SB Station at 196th St SW 2764 To / From
College SB Station at 204th St SW 2760 To / From
216th St SW SB Station 2754 To / From
238th St SW SB Station 2748 To / From
Aurora Village Transit Center 2877 To / From

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