Travel Training

Travel Training

Is our Travel Training program right for you?

Our Travel Training program can help you ride our buses with confidence.

Community Transit offers a complimentary Travel Training Program that teaches people who may need extra help to learn how to use fixed-route buses. The training is tailored to meet your needs, whether you need general bus riding information or more one-on-one in-depth training.

Instruction is customized to meet a rider’s unique needs and can last from one hour to several days or however long it takes for a rider to feel safe and confident using Community Transit’s bus service.

All of Community Transit’s buses are wheelchair accessible and most buses have a kneeling feature that makes it easier to step onto the bus.

Some of the benefits of learning to ride through Travel Training include:

  • More independence and flexibility to travel whenever and wherever you want.
  • Not having to schedule trips ahead of time
  • Multiple bus trips a day if your plans change

Learn more about our Travel Training Program or call (425) 348-2379.