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Bus Driver Hiring Process

The road to our Bus Driver Trainee program has a few steps along the way. The average time from application to classroom is four weeks or less. You can help keep the process rolling smoothly by watching your email for updates and completing next steps quickly. We can't wait to welcome you aboard!

Apply Now

1.  Apply Now!

  • Create a profile and answer a few questions.

Online Assessment

2. Online Assessment

• Upon creating a profile, you'll then receive an email with a link to complete an online assessment.
• The assessment test takes about 15 minutes. 
• We encourage you to take the online assessment as soon as you are invited.

Introduction Zoom Meeting

3. Complete Application

  • Watch your email for a form to add your last 5 years of job history.

Driving Record Review

4. Driving Record Review

  • Complete an online form to allow us to review your driving record.

Interview-Event-Icon5. Interview Event

  • Interviews are scheduled weekly.
  • Plan on attending through Zoom meeting for two hours.
  • Learn more about the Training Academy, work schedules, acquiring a CDL permit, and the hiring process.


Reference Check

6. Reference Check

  • You will need at least 3 references from current or former supervisors within the last 5-7 years.
  • Let references know in advance that they will be contacted.
  • Start studying for your CDL Permits.
  • The reference check process takes about one week following a successful interview. 

Contingent Offer

7. Contingent Offer

  • Please expect to receive a call from Employee Engagement representative to walk you through the next steps.
  • Expect to receive a written contingent offer email .
  • You will need to pass a pre-work safety assessment, a physical, drug test and a criminal background check, and obtain your CDL permit.

Obtain CDL Permit8. Obtain CDL Permit

  • CDL Permits require passing three skill tests — knowledge, passenger, and air brake. 
  • Visit the Department of Licensing site for more information on CDL permits.
  • Complete all contingent items to receive your final offer.

    Final Offer9. Final Offer

    • Congratulations! You will receive your final written offer.
    • Your offer letter will include instructions for your first day as a Community Transit Bus Driver Trainee.

    Class Begins10. Class Begins

    • Review your offer letter and prepare what you need to bring to class.
    • Be on time and be prepared to become a member of a great team!


    To apply, visit

    Have questions? Please call (425) 348-2315 or email