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FAQs about the Diesel and Automotive Mechanic Role

Below are the answers to the most asked questions about the role of Mechanic at Community Transit – plus some tips on how to apply online.

You may see the term Mechanic referenced as "Journey, Diesel or Automotive" Mechanic.  At Community Transit, the role of Journey
Mechanic covers individuals with experience in mechanical repair on diesel and/or gasoline powered equipment.

To see specifics on qualifications, please refer below to, “How do I know if I qualify as a Journey Mechanic?”

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About the Job

What are the shift hours and work schedules?
What is the job really like?

Additional Requirements for the Journey Mechanic Role

Additional Requirements

Applying for the Mechanics Job

How do I attach a file to my online application?
How do I fill out an online application?
How will you contact me to let me know the status of my application?
I don’t have a CDL— can I still apply and what are the medical certification requirements?
I don’t have a WA driver’s license.  Do I need one to apply?
I need to make a change to my application.  How do I do that?
What does the Training Include?

Mechanic FAQs

Are Mechanics represented by a Union?
How do I know if I qualify as a Journey Mechanic?
What does it mean that this position is "Safety Sensitive?"
Why is the Diesel Mechanic called a "Journey Mechanic?"