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Wellness Program

The Wellness Program at Community Transit is a benefit for all employees to help maintain and improve their well-being and overall health.

This health management program aims to provide:

  • A wide variety of services and activities offered throughout the year
  • Activities that are fun and educational, but also effective
  • A focus on prevention and recovery from our most common work-related injuries, both behind the wheel and behind the desk
  • Activities specifically targeted at Bus Driver health improvement

Some of the specific services and activities in the Wellness Program currently include:

  • On-site, Certified Personal Trainer
  • On-site Employee Maintenance Center (EMC) staffed by professionals who are trained to care for pain and injuries, rehabilitate injured employees, and prevent future injuries
  • Access to two on-site fitness centers complete with treadmill, recumbent bikes, weights, and elliptical machines
  • Online wellness portal (FLEX)
  • Yoga classes
  • On-site chair and table massage therapy
  • Nutrition, cholesterol reduction, stress management, smoking cessation classes, and diabetes education
  • On-site wellness screenings for cholesterol, blood pressure and body composition
  • Annual flu shots
  • Exercise competition events, healthy food cook-offs events, and monthly health awareness information and events

Monthly Wellness Incentive 

Community Transit encourages healthy life choices. Our Wellness Incentive promotes good choices and also helps defray premium contribution costs.  Employees who participate in the Wellness Incentive Program may qualify for a $10 monthly credit to reward these choices.

Health Club Membership Reimbursement Program

Employees who have membership in a private health club or are enrolled in a weight loss program may be eligible for the Health Club Membership Reimbursement program.

To participate in this program, employees are required to complete an enrollment form and submit it along with a copy of their membership contract to Human Resources. Community Transit reimburses enrolled employees up to $90.00 twice a year. (Some  restrictions apply.)

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