Environmental Policy Statement

In accordance with our vision and core values, Community Transit embraces ways of doing business that are environmentally friendly, and seeks to be a role model for other organizations in reducing environmental impacts. We will accomplish this by planning, constructing, operating and maintaining our equipment, facilities and services in a manner that protects and endeavors to enhance the environment.

This policy represents a commitment of Community Transit's Board of Directors, Management, Employees and its contractors to be responsible environmental stewards of our natural resources.

To demonstrate this commitment, Community Transit will:

  1. Minimize all types of pollution, including air, land and water.
  2. Work to utilize our natural resources more efficiently.
  3. Work to utilize our national resources more efficiently.
  4. Continue to look for opportunities to reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions.
  5. Explore and utilize available new technologies when feasible.
  6. Strive to build and operate our system with the inclusion of sustainable features as a foremost objective.
  7. Comply with all applicable local, state, and federal laws, ordinances and regulations concerning environmental management.
  8. Document, implement and maintain Community Transit's environmental aspects, procedures and programs in compliance with this policy, and review annually.
  9. Communicate this policy and its procedures internally and externally.