In Their Own Words: I am an Essential Worker Who Depends on Public Transit

In Their Own Words: I am an Essential Worker Who Depends on Public Transit

Apr 10, 2020
We read all the comments we receive on social media, email and phone calls. A month into #StayHomeStaySafe during this time of COVID-19, this comment caught our eye:

"So easy! Amazing friendly bus drivers! They are on the frontlines driving us (essential workers to our jobs) and some days I'm the only passenger. That scares me. How long can this keep up financially. So I tlaked to district 44 rep John Lovick and told him how important community transit is to me." - Melanie Wentz, April 2, 2020

When we saw that, we reached out to Melanie. Here are her words:

"I have used Community Transit for the last three years; at first it was confusing and scary for this now almost 55-year-old. Thanks to your wonderful drivers, I now navigate five days a week (and sometimes more) successfully! I can even go to Puyallup and Tacoma on an enjoyable bus ride (seems like an adventure!) to visit family.

I work at Haggens in Lake Stevens and I'm a cashier. Your drivers are thoughtful and take good care of me-- without them I couldn't keep my job. I've worked for Haggens since 1997. It's like my second home. Without Community Transit, I wouldn't have my job.

Again, thank you for taking care of me during this time and during normal times. You are amazing!”
Melanie Wentz
Thank you, Melanie, for trusting us to get you to work.
Do you rely on public transit to get to your essential service job? Please share your experience by commenting below.