Questions and answers about the Bus Plus schedule book

Questions and answers about the Bus Plus schedule book

Mar 29, 2022

They say the only constant is change. Those words have rung true over the last few years, as we’ve all had to adapt to many changes during a global pandemic.

On March 20, Community Transit rolled out our spring service change. This included changes to how we share our updated service information. 

For past fall and spring service changes, Community Transit has updated, printed, and distributed thousands of copies of our bus schedule book, Bus Plus. Bus Plus contains hundreds of pages of maps, route schedules, and other details about our services. 

Our goal is that the Spring 2022 service change would provide more predictability and reliability. We want routes and schedules to meet rider needs and the information that we share to be clear and accurate. To do this while dealing with new variables, the planning needed to happen closer to the date of our service change. But that did not leave us the time we need to print and distribute Bus Plus. However, we can print our schedule and route information for anyone who requests it (learn more below). And a shortened version of Bus Plus is available as a PDF that can be downloaded or printed.

With conditions changing rapidly, planning for this service change required flexibility. Ridership on Community Transit services is at 55 percent of pre-pandemic levels, though we expect it to steadily rise in the coming months. At the same time, transit agencies locally and nationally have faced a shortage of drivers, causing many to cut service. 

All of our trip-planning information can be accessed online and always contains the most up-to-date information. We understand that some riders may need or prefer printed trip-planning information. You can request a printed Bus Plus or route info from The RideStore at Lynnwood Transit Center, at Sno-Isle Libraries, or call our Customer Care team to request that printed information be mailed to you. Find more information below.

Why was this change made? 

We want our riders have access to the most accurate and up-to-date route and schedule information. Producing a printed schedule book as comprehensive as our Bus Plus takes time — time we did not have given the changing conditions leading up to the service change. And once printed, if further changes were needed, they could not be updated.

A digital Bus Plus with the option to print for those who need it was the best solution. This ensures that you have the most accurate and updated information as things change.

How do I get the information I need to plan my trip? 

Use our online trip-planning tools

All of the information you need to plan your next trip with us can be found on our website at

Use Trip Planner to map out your trip, get real-time transit information with Community Transit’s BusFinder online app, sign up for Rider Alerts to receive real-time service information during our operating hours, and look up route schedules

Find schedules at bus stops and transit centers

Schedules are posted at bus stops, park & rides, and transit centers. If you have a smartphone, take a picture of the schedule info to keep it handy when you need it. 

Call Customer Care

Anyone can request trip-planning information through our Customer Care team. Customer Care can email or mail you any information that you need upon request.

(425) 353-RIDE (7433)
(800) 562-1375
TTY Relay: Dial 711
Open Monday through Friday, 6:30 a.m.–6:30 p.m.
Closed weekends and holidays. 

Visit the RideStore

The RideStore at Lynnwood Transit Center will provide printed schedule and route information to anyone who requests it. 

20110 46th Ave W., Lynnwood, WA 98036
Open Monday through Friday, 7 a.m.– 6 p.m.
Closed weekends and holidays unless otherwise posted.

Get help printing info from your local library

Sno-Isle Libraries will assist in printing a copy of our Bus Plus, schedule, and route information to anyone who needs it. Find your closest library and plan your trip here.  

Is this change permanent?

No long-term decisions have been made on the future of mass printing Bus Plus books.

Need help or have feedback? 

Contact us:

(425) 353-7433
(800) 562-1375
TTY: 711