Youth ride free!

Youth ride free!

Sep 2, 2022

All youth can ride Community Transit services at zero cost 

A young boy and girl riding the bus.As of Sept. 1, all youth 18 years old and younger can ride with Community Transit and other transit agencies for free throughout most of the State of Washington. 

This change comes as part of Move Ahead Washington, a statewide transportation funding package, passed earlier this year. The move is expected to bring more freedom to a new generation, whether they are going to school, the library, mall or meeting a friend.

If you are between 13-18 years of age, you are encouraged to tap your ORCA Card when you board the bus or at the Swift station. If you don’t have an ORCA card don’t worry! Community Transit has got you covered! We are partnering with many school districts to bring ORCA cards to students at their school.

If you still have your card from the 2021-22 academic year, it will continue to work through June 30, 2023, but remember to register it before that deadline so you can continue to use it.

We highly recommend registering your card to and then creating an online myORCA account with a valid email address and linking your card as soon as you get one. Families can link all their cards to one account so that if any cards are lost, you can easily order a replacement. Youth card replacements will be issued at no cost! And if you are 13 or older you can even set up your own account.

Next year and beyond, we will be introducing a pay-by-phone feature on the myORCA app so riders can tap their smartphone to pay their fare.

But remember, you don’t need an ORCA card or any other ID or documents to ride, just let the driver know you’re 18 or under, and welcome aboard!