Ridership on Snohomish County UW-bound buses doubles on the first day of classes

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Ridership on Snohomish County UW-bound buses doubles on the first day of classes

Sep 30, 2021

Riders will switch to light rail connection next week after Northgate Station opens

Community Transit 800-series Sept. 2021 ridership  

Snohomish County, Wash. – On the first day of school at the University of Washington yesterday, there were twice as many riders taking the bus from Snohomish County as there were the day before. Next week, those riders will be making a new bus-to-light rail connection after the Northgate Link extension opens this weekend.

Community Transit staff is continuing to meet with riders at transit centers to answer questions on how to make the bus-to-light rail connection, and welcoming riders back to transit after a year of virtual education.

Community Transit staff will be at the following locations to answer rider questions tomorrow morning:

  • Mountlake Terrace Transit Center 
  • McCollum Park Park & Ride
  • Monday and Tuesday outreach continues, please email/call for details.

More trip planning tools and information available at communitytransit.org/newservice.

Starting Monday, Community Transit will redirect its 800-series bus routes to connect to the 1 Line (Link) at Northgate Station instead of going to the U District and University of Washington. Riders will complete their trips on light rail, which will depart Northgate every eight minutes during peak times. Light rail travel time from Northgate to the U District is expected to take six minutes.