Smart Commuter Rewards

Commuting Smart Has Its Benefits and Rewards

Smart Commuter Rewards is an incentive program that helps worksites motivate employees to reduce their drive-alone trips and vehicle miles traveled. Sign Up Today!

Benefit: Smart commute choices keep business moving

JoyceSmartCommuterVanpoolTraffic congestion wastes time and money by delaying people, products and services. You help solve this problem when you choose a smart alternative to driving alone. Your efforts reduce traffic, help the environment and, more importantly, keep business moving.

Rewards: Win up to $250!

Smart Commuter Rewards can help you become a commuting genius. When you find alternatives to driving alone, such as carpooling, vanpooling, riding the bus, walking or bicycling, you're showing your brilliance. And to reward you for being so clever, we offer Smart Commuter Rewards participants the chance to win up to $250 per quarter. Enroll in Smart Commuter Rewards, log your trips and instantly raise your commuter IQ!

Smart Commuter Rewards is an incentive program to help worksites reach their non-drive alone trip goals traveled by their employees. This program is funded through a partnership with WSDOT, local governments, and businesses.

Quarterly Rewards

Prize LevelPrize*Days per Quarter
Smart Commuter of the Quarter

$250 Reward (one winner)

  • Photo on bus exterior ad, worksite posters, and Community Transit website
  • Invitation to Smart Commuter Awards Luncheon (held in April)
  • Nominated for Smart Commuter of the Year


(at least 16 days each month of the quarter)

Genius Level$100 Rewards (five winners)


(at least 16 days each month of the quarter)

Brilliant Level$50 Rewards (10 winners)


(at least 12 days each month of the quarter)

Clever Level$25 Rewards (20 winners)


(at least 8 days each month of the quarter)

*Rewards can be redeemed in the form of a gas card or transportation voucher. So when you win, you can choose your own way to show off your Smart Commuter IQ!

Guaranteed Smart Commuter Rewards

No winner at your worksite in any of the Smart Commuter Rewards categories? No problem. If your eligible employer has at least five Smart Commuters logging at least 8 days each month during the quarter on, there will be a second chance drawing for a $25 Reward to guarantee a winner at your worksite.

Second chance drawing will be held only if the worksite does not have a winner in the Clever, Brilliant, Genius or Smart Commuter of the Quarter levels. Participants must have logged at least 8 days of commute alternatives each month of the quarter to be eligible for the prize drawing.

How to Participate

Step 1: Register at with your work-issued email address. If you're already registered with a personal email address, you may change that email address to your work-issued email, or create a new account with your work-issued email address. You must use a work-issued email address to qualify for Smart Commuter Rewards. If your worksite doesn't issue email addresses, please contact your Employee Transportation Coordinator (ETC).

Step 2: Associate yourself with your worksite’s network on All eligible employers are listed in If you’re not sure which worksite to list or how to find the correct network, contact your ETC for more information. You must be associated with your worksite’s network to qualify for Smart Commuter Rewards.

Step 3: If you need help finding a non-drive alone alternative that suits your lifestyle and work schedule, contact your ETC or one of Community Transit’s TDM Specialists to help you plan your trip, answer questions and provide information on options like taking the bus, carpooling, vanpooling, bicycling and walking.

Step 4: Start making trips by bus, carpooling, vanpooling, bicycling or walking at least 8 days per month. You can even count teleworking or days you have off due to working a compressed work week!

Step 5: Track your trips online using your personalized calendar. The more days you make smarter trips, the bigger prizes you can win!  All eligibility rules apply.

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