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Smart Commuter Winners

2019 Smart Commuter Quarterly Winners

Smart Commuter of the 4th Quarter: Rob McCrorie

Smart Commuter 4th Quarter

For more than 10 years, Rob has been choosing to carpool or vanpool five days each week between Marysville and Premera Blue Cross in Mountlake Terrace. Rob said, “I aim to be part of the traffic congestion and greenhouse gas emission solution. Choosing a smart commute is one way that I’m able to make a positive difference in my community.” He also said sharing the ride is a health benefit because riding with a good group of people helps reduce his stress.

Smart Commuter of the 3rd Quarter: Evan Auerbach

Smart Commuter 3rd Quarter

Evan Auerbach chooses to ride his bike to work at Premera Blue Cross, and has been doing so for almost 7 years. Evan says, "I chose to start biking to work because I wanted to reduce my carbon footprint. I bike year-round regardless of the weather and encourage my coworkers to use smart transportation options."

Smart Commuter of the 2nd Quarter: Lyndsi Stickles

Smart Commuter 2nd Quarter

Lyndsi Stickles has chosen to ride the bus, ferry, and walk for her commute to Alderwood Water & Wastewater District for over nine years. Lyndsi says, "I choose a smart commute every day because I can leave my car either in my garage or at a park and ride, and make a few friends along the way. Choosing to not drive alone saves me money, and allows me to de-stress on my way to and from work."

Smart Commuter of the 1st Quarter: Charlene Givens

Smart Commuter of the 1st Quarter

Charlene Givens has been choosing to Vanpool to work for over twenty years. While working at Korry Electronics, she has helped keep "11 cars from being driven on the roads" to do her part to combat pollution. Charlene encourages vanpooling as a way to save money on gas, as well as being able to avoid sitting in traffic.

2018 Smart Commuters

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2017 Smart Commuters

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