Curb the Congestion Winners

2016 Curb the Congestion Champion

Emmett Heath, Community Transit CEO and Jessica Bentem

Jessica Bentem of Everett is a dedicated, 7-days-a-week walker and bus rider. A smart trip can also be a healthy trip- Jessica has lost 41 pounds! “The impact it’s had on my health has been really great. I’m not stressed out when I get to work!” She made the switch from driving two years ago and hasn’t looked back. Jessica advocates for smart trips by letting others know how great this switch has been for her health and well-being. ” Way to go! She’s gotten more than pounds lost — Jessica has saved over $500 and removed more than 1,000 pounds of CO2 from our air. You’re an inspiration, Jessica!

Curb the Congestion Champions

2017 Curb the Congestion Quarterly Champions
2016 Curb the Congestion Quarterly Champions

2017 Curb the Congestion Monthly Drawing Winners

December - Sheila Hallead, Lisa Loboduk, Louis Lonsway
November - Mary Diesel, Joe Bond, John Goodman
October - Tisha Miller, Yuko Sinnott, Swetha Kayathi
September - Gina Keller, Casian Popescu, Vanitha Uppu
August - Christine Pennington, Ifeoma Osuoha, Vishnuvardhan Vaidhyanathan
July - Mitch Wagner, Stacie Khalsa, Kevin Crader
June - Bob Stiles, Srinivas Vundru, and Christopher Vail
May - Les Kitamura, Peter Elton, Jennifer Mallahan
April - Heather Griesbach, Meghan Evans, April Lehman
March - Geetha Golla, Edward Bondoc, Shailu Rajbhandari
February - Carmon Wells
January - David Los