Curb the Congestion FAQs

General Curb the Congestion Information

What is the purpose of the Curb the Congestion program?
How is Curb the Congestion funded?
How will this program work to address traffic congestion?
Why is the program only available on selected roadways?
How will my personal information be used?

Curb the Congestion Program Eligibility

What corridors are eligible for the Curb the Congestion program?
I travel on a corridor not listed. How do I enter?
What healthy travel options qualify toward my 8 days?
Why are hybrid/electric vehicles, motorcycles and scooters not included as healthy travel options?
I drive alone on a selected corridor in order to reach a park & ride, then take a bus from there. Does that count as a bus trip?
Are there other types of foot-powered transportation options that are eligible under the "walking" category?

Curb the Congestion Rewards

If I've previously participated in Curb the Congestion, am I still eligible for rewards?
How do I receive my reward if I'm a winner?
How will I know if I qualify for a Monthly Reward for each of the three months after I register? How and when would I receive my reward?
I made eight trips in one day. Does that qualify me for rewards?
Are there tax consequences for being a reward winner?

Curb the Congestion Online Calendar

What is the purpose of the Curb the Congestion online calendar?
I work at an employer and/or worksite not listed. How do I enter?