Vanpool for Business
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Vanpool for Business

Vans available for Vanpool for Business


Looking for an affordable, flexible and reliable transportation option for your business? Community Transit has comfortable and clean vans ready to meet your organization's needs. 

How Vanpool for Business can work for you

Comfortable employee shuttles

Connect your employees to parking, transit, ferries, or assist with trips between buildings. Your employees drive the routes that work for them and your company. 

Efficient interoffice travel

Add, replace, or supplement company fleet vehicles with a Community Transit van. More seats means moving more employees more efficiently. Our flexible terms offer adaptable solutions that work for you and your business. 

Flexible commute options

Help your employees get to and from work in a van. You can also use the van during non-commute times for your business needs. Our team will work with you to help your employees set up a commute that works for everyone. 

Smart savings, simple pricing 

Affordable pricing for any van capacity means you can find the vehicle that works for you. Pricing includes fuel, maintenance, partial insurance* and customer support.

7-passenger van

7-Passenger Van

  • $100 per month plus $0.51 per mile

15-passenger van

12- or 15-Passenger Van

  • $200/month plus $0.51/mile 

* Community Transit provides basic collision damage insurance. You will be responsible for additional insurance, which must include personal liability. See Questions & Answers below for more detail.

Learn more & get started

We’re here to answer any questions, walk you through our many options and help you find a Vanpool for Business option that works for you. 

Contact Transportation Specialist Alex Mehn to learn more or to sign up:


Vanpool for Business Questions & Answers

How long can I keep the van?
How do I get gas?
Can the van be used exclusively for my company?
Who can ride in the vans?
Can I use the vans to carry goods or supplies?
Who can drive the vans?
What reporting is required?
Can I brand the vans?
What about insurance?