Seaway Transit Center

The Seaway Transit Center will serve as the northern terminal for the Swift Green Line when it begins operation in early 2019.

Located at Seaway Blvd. & 75th Street SW, the transit center is across the street from a Boeing campus housing a 24-7 operations center and offices. The transit center will also serve as a hub for Paine Field-area bus service.

Construction on the Seaway Transit Center is expected to begin in May 2017, with completion expected in summer 2018.

When fully operational, the transit center:

  • Can serve as a connection or drop-off point for Community Transit, Everett Transit and King County Metro Transit buses, as well as for private shuttles that can carry passengers to their worksite destinations.
  • Will have two Swift bays and five additional bus bays.
  • Will have future capacity for up to 13 bus bays.

The $11 million project is funded by a $6.8 million Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) Regional Mobility Grant, $2.9 million in federal funding and $1.7 million in Community Transit funding.

Click below to see our future plans for Seaway Transit Center. Renderings created by Perteet.

Greenroads™ Rating System

The Seaway Transit Center construction project is endeavoring to become certified under the Greenroads™ rating system.

The Greenroads™ rating system is a third-party, points-based system, similar to other ‘green building’ rating systems such as LEED or GreenGlobes, but is appropriate for roadway and transit infrastructure projects.

Community Transit is proud to be one of the first public transit agencies in the world to use the Greenroads™ rating system as it fits in with the agency's Core Values of "Rewarding Initiative and Innovation," as well as "Environmental Stewardship." The Greenroads™ system encompasses both design and construction practices into the certification process.

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