Coronavirus Message
With the likely continued spread of the COVID-19 novel coronavirus, we understand that people may be feeling anxiety and concern about the safety of public transit; we take this very seriously. Here's what we're doing to help keep our customers and our employees healthy and safe.

Temporary service reductions begin Monday, March 30. Details at

A New Vanpool Option

Bridge Your Commute Gap in a Community Transit Van

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Do you commute on a bus, train or ferry? Close the gap from home or work with a shared ride in a Community Transit van!

  • Are you having trouble finding parking at a park & ride?
  • Is the walk from home to the transit center, or from the transit center to work, just too far?
  • Are you trying to avoid driving by yourself to connect with transit?
  • Do you not have a car to take you to transit?

We can help! Get connected and on the road by calling (425) 353-7433 (RIDE)

Sharing a Community Transit van is easy, fast & cost effective.

YOU set the schedule, route, and meet-up locations.

WE provide a comfortable van and cover gas, service & insurance.

Share a ride with five or more people up to 20 miles a day. Pay no more than $35 per month for a hassle-free commute!

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Get preferred rideshare parking at most worksites and Community Transit park & ride locations. Our guaranteed ride home commitment means you'll never be stranded at work.