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Curb the Congestion offers great rewards. Choose a smarter trip at least eight days a month and you could quality for:

  • Monthly Rewards: Receive $50 a month for three months!
  • Keep it up to qualify for a $150 drawing each month.
  • Recruiter Rewards up to $100 a year when you refer friends, neighbors or co-workers
  • Curb the Congestion Champion

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Curb the Congestion is a program to reduce traffic and encourage healthy travel options on congested roadways. The program is operated by Community Transit.

Curb the Congestion is funded in partnership with Snohomish County through developer mitigation and federal grants, and with Communities InMotion - I-405 through King County.

Choose to make smarter trips instead of driving alone on:

  • 128th Street (between Everett and Mill Creek)
  • 164th Street SW/SE (between Lynnwood and Mill Creek)
  • 196th Street (between Edmonds and I-5)
  • Bothell-Everett Highway (between 128th Street and downtown Bothell)
  • I-405 (between I-5 and Hwy 522)
  • Hwy 522 (between Monroe and I-405)

Smarter trips include:

  • Sharing the ride in a carpool or vanpool
  • Riding the bus, ferry or train
  • Bicycling or walking
  • Working from home or compressing your work schedule to eliminate a trip

Our Curb the Congestion Specialist is ready to help you plan your trips. Whether you use one of these streets to drive to work, school, or errands, we can help you find a more relaxing way to get there.

Join Curb the Congestion and get paid not to drive!

Universities and college students, staff, and faculty are eligible for additional rewards and support through Curb the Congestion.

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Curb the Congestion Rewards

Log Smarter Trips on at least eight days a month and you may qualify for the following rewards. Read about recent winners.

$50 Monthly Rewards

Thinking of trying a smarter trip? When you register for Curb the Congestion, you can earn $50 a month for three months to help pay for transportation expenses. Eligible participants receive a $50 voucher toward bus or vanpool fare or a $50 gift card for gas or REI.

See $50 Monthly Rewards details and eligibility.

$150 Monthly Drawing

After three months, keep logging trips on at least eight days a month on your calendar to qualify for monthly drawings for a $150 prepaid MasterCard gift card.

See $150 monthly drawing details and eligibility.

Recruiter Rewards

Would you like $25 to help pay for your transportation expenses? Do you have a friend, neighbor, or coworker who travels on 128th Street, 164th Street, 196th Street, Bothell-Everett Highway or I-405? Would they benefit from learning about their options for making a smarter trip?

Tell a friend about Curb the Congestion - we've put together recruiting tips to get you started. If your friend registers and logs trips on their Curb the Congestion Calendar, you could earn a $25 voucher toward bus or vanpool fare or a $25 gift card for gas or REI. You must be a current and active participant in the program yourself.

Complete the online Recruiter Rewards form or download the paper version recruiter rewards form (pdf), or email or call (425) 438-6136 to get one.

Curb the Congestion Champion

Curb the Congestion wants to recognize you for your continued dedication to reducing traffic congestion and making our community healthy and vibrant!  Starting in 2015, you can nominate yourself for the Curb the Congestion Champion of the Quarter for a chance to win $250.

The Curb the Congestion Champion of the Quarter will be selected from among program participants that meet the following requirements:

  • Logs at least 16 days of an alternative to driving alone in the online calendar for each month of the quarter
  • Maintains profile in good standing with
  • Continues to use a smart transportation option on the Curb the Congestion corridors

Rewards for the Curb the Congestion Champion include:

  • Nominee for Curb the Congestion Champion of the Year
  • News release sent to local papers
  • Photo and story on Community Transit's website
  • $250 gift card for gas, REI or voucher for bus or vanpool

Curb Champion Eligibility must complete a nomination form. Forms will be sent to eligible participants via email approximately 2 weeks after the quarter ends. Submitted nomination forms will be reviewed and scored by the Commute Trip Reduction Peer Advisory Board (a board of Employee Transportation Coordinators that represent Snohomish County’s and the City of Bothell’s commuting employees.)

Your Curb the Congestion Calendar will also calculate how much money, fuel and air pollution you save by not driving alone. Learn more about the calendar.

How to Participate

Step 1: Register online. Participants without Internet access can request a paper form. Call (425) 438-6136 or email

Step 2: A Community Transit Specialist will contact you to help you plan your trip to work, school, or errands. The representative will also ask you to sign an optional pledge form to reduce your drive-alone trips. Pledging strengthens your commitment to smarter trips.

Step 3: Start making trips by bus, carpooling, vanpooling, bicycling and walking instead of driving alone on one of the targeted road corridors.

Step 4: To qualify for rewards, track your trips online using your personalized Curb the Congestion Calendar.