Lynnwood Transit Center Repainting Project

A Sound Transit project to repaint the passenger bays at Lynnwood Transit Center is underway. The project started in early August and was expected to take up to two months. Its completion has been delayed due to inclement weather. (Please see update below.)

The Project:

  • Bays will be painted by row in alphabetical order: A, B, C, D and E (See photo below).
  • Each row of bays will take approximately two weeks to be repainted.
  • During painting, the bay areas will be fenced off.
  • While passenger bays are closed, buses serving those bays will be reassigned to a corresponding bay in the E row, i.e., buses that serve A1 will serve E1, etc. The bay reassignments will be posted at the stops and are listed below. Because bay reassignments may be on the other side of the transit center, please arrive earlier than usual to catch your bus.

For your safety, use the two crosswalks when crossing the transit center loop, especially when emerging from between fenced areas.

Update: Wednesday, October 26, 2016 - 2:30 p.m.

The "D" Bays are now open. This means:

  • Buses will resume regular service at their assigned "D" bays.
  • Riders may access the shelters at the "D" bays during inclement weather.

Because the project has been delayed due to weather, please note that work will continue in the "D" bays. These areas will be blocked or marked.

Thank you for your patience during this project!