Inspiring and Equipping the Next Generation of Transit Users

Youth pay no fare when they ride with Community Transit.

Community Transit helps youth riders travel from place to place for free. While public schools provide buses for students to neighborhood schools, sometimes taking a school bus isn't an option. For many students, access to reliable and affordable transportation can be a barrier to participating in after-school activities, employment, and enjoying an enriching social life. By providing free transportation, Community Transit helps students save money, avoid driving hassles, gain independence, and reduce their carbon footprint.

Community Transit offers programming for schools and community partners that helps teach students transit basics like how to plan a route using online tools, how to safely wait for and board a bus, how to read a bus flag and timetable, and how to properly load their bike on the front of the bus. Our goal is to inspire the next generation of public transit users through an engaging and hands-on presentation that offers students unique destinations they can get to with their peers using public transit. Learning how to use public transit is an essential life skill that builds confidence and offers students equal access to their communities.

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