Board of Directors & CEO

The Board of Directors, as the governing body of the Corporation, establishes policy and legislative direction for the agency.

The Board defines the organization’s mission, establishes goals and approves the budget to accomplish those goals. Working closely with the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Board members represent the agency’s position to the public, in the legislature, and in the community. They are responsible for hiring, supervising, and evaluating the CEO.

Board members establish their performance standards and abide by all state and local laws with regard to Board member conduct and protocol, as well as the corporation’s by-laws, resolutions, and procedures. The CEO and the corporation’s legal counsel report to the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors consists of ten members, nine of whom are elected officials selected by the respective governing bodies of the county and component cities within Community Transit’s service area, as follows:

  • Two members and their alternate from the governing body of the county.
  • Two members and an alternate from cities with populations of 35,000 or more.
  • Three members and two alternates from cities with populations between 15,000 and 35,000.
  • Two members and an alternate from cities with populations less than 15,000.

In addition, the Board has one non-voting labor representative.


Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer
Board Chair: Dave Earling, Mayor
Board Vice Chair: Terry Ryan, Council Member
Board Secretary: Jon Nehring, Mayor
Board Member, Kim Daughtry, Council Member
Board Past Chair: Leonard Kelley, Mayor
Board Member: Joe Neigel, Council Member
Board Member: Lance Norton, Labor Representative
Board Member: Jan Schuette, Council Member
Board Member: Mike Todd, Council Member
Board Member: Stephanie Wright, Council Member

Board Alternates

Board Alternate: Jennifer Gregerson, Mayor
Board Alternate: George Hurst, Council Member
Board Alternate Nate Nehring, Council Member
Board Alternate: Bruce Straughn, Council lMember
Board Alternate: Geoffrey Thomas, Mayor