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We provide our financial documents so you can easily access important information about Community Transit’s revenues, expenditures, and overall financial status.

Adopted 2024 Budget

The Board of Directors approved the 2024 Budget at their December 7, 2023 monthly meeting.

The 2024 Budget is a balanced budget, defined as a budget in which operating revenues exceed operating expenditures, all reserves are fully funded, and capital expenditures sustainably meet the plan defined in the six-year Transit Development Plan (TDP). Total 2024 budgeted operating revenues equal $273.3 million.

2024 budget highlights

Projects and programs funded in the proposed 2024 budget include:


  • Swift Bus Rapid Transit Expansion: Community Transit’s third bus rapid transit (BRT) line, Swift Orange Line, will launch next spring. 
  • Light Rail and Local Network Improvements: There will be local improvements to Community Transit’s bus network, including new express bus connections to Link light rail from most parts of the county, higher frequency in local service, and longer frequent service throughout the day and evenings.
  • Zero Emission Program: The year will see a big step forward on our Zero Emission journey as we begin serving riders by testing a battery electric bus and a hydrogen fuel cell bus. Lessons learned from this will inform future zero-emission bus purchases.
  • Innovative Services: In 2024, Zip Alderwood Shuttle, a flexible on-demand service, begins its first full year as a regular offering. The budget funds the creation of new innovative service pilot projects in three new communities -- Arlington, Darrington, and Lake Stevens – and planning for three more communities.
  • Safety & Security Focus: The budget supports increased safety and security, including the first full year of funding for the new Transit Security Officer (TSO) program deployed in 2023. The agency will continue to contract with the Snohomish County Sherriff’s Office to employ a social worker.

    Budget documents

    The annual adopted budget provides details of Community Transit's plans and projections for the current fiscal year. This includes agency operating revenue, department-level expense budgets, capital projects, and other non-operating activities.

    The Board of Directors adopts an annual budget in December of the preceding year. Each spring, the board adopts an amended budget, updating that year's projected revenues and expenses. 

    Listed below are documents for the past three years.

    Annual Comprehensive Financial Reports

    Annual Comprehensive Financial Reports provide audited financial information for past years, including financial statements, grants, key performance indicators, comparative financial information, and economic data. Each spring, the agency publishes the previous year's audited report.