Prepare for the Interview

As the employer, we want to get to know you. For example, we'll ask about your customer service experiences (good & bad) and how you work with others.

Be prepared. Learn what you can about the company, the job and how well you fit the job. Also, write down questions you have about the company or job so you can ask them at your interview.

What Will Happen at My Interview?

The Coach Operator Trainee interview consists of four parts:

  • A "fit" test to see how you are situated in a bus.
  • A short written test.
  • A brief Q&A with the trainers (driver-related stuff).
  • The HR interview (usual job-related questions).

The entire interview process takes about 60-90 minutes and is conducted at Community Transit's Merrill Creek base in south Everett.

Fit Test: What to Wear to the Interview

As part of the interview, Coach Operator candidates are asked to take a "fit" test that requires some physical maneuvers onboard a bus and other service vehicles. These activities can be difficult to do if you are dressed in a suit, skirt or heels.

Here’s what you can expect for the Fit Test:

  • You’ll sit in the driver’s seat to make sure you can:
    1. Reach the pedal
    2. Adjust the seat
    3. Have enough clearance for the steering wheel to turn freely
  • You will be asked to kneel or squat to demonstrate that you can safely  maneuver the straps for securing a passenger’s mobility device.

So, dress to impress, but wear comfortable shoes and clothing.