Coronavirus Message
With the likely continued spread of the COVID-19 novel coronavirus, we understand that people may be feeling anxiety and concern about the safety of public transit; we take this very seriously. Here's what we're doing to help keep our customers and our employees healthy and safe.

Temporary service reductions begin Monday, March 30. Details at

Training: Learn to Be the Best

Our training is led by professionals who have been on the journey you are about to begin. They will prepare you to join the ranks of our coach operators who have earned the National Safety Council’s “Million Mile Driver” Award.

We pride ourselves in providing excellent training to excellent drivers and look forward to welcoming you aboard.

Phase 1: The First 8 Weeks

We Cover the Basics

Over the first eight (8) weeks, trainees learn:

  • CoachOperator-Female-WEB-10How to drive a bus
  • All Community Transit routes
  • The different types of vehicles at Community Transit (You’ll get an opportunity to drive every piece of equipment we operate.)
  • Basic skills: defensive driving, learning how to turn the bus, etc.
  • Advanced skills: emergency braking, backing an articulated coach, etc.

Every new skill is first practiced in the bus yard at our Merrill Creek facility. As you master each skill, you will move to the street once you’ve demonstrated readiness to move out of the bus yard.

We Prepare You for the Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Exam

We will teach you everything you need to know to pass the CDL exams to earn a Commercial Drivers license:

  • Driving Skills
  • Basic Controls (Backing)
  • Pre-Trip Inspection

Beyond the Bus: Assisting Passengers with Special Needs

Your training includes how to:

  • Assist passengers in mobility devices
  • Properly secure mobility devices
  • Assist someone who is non-sighted or hard of hearing

Respecting diversity is another important element of our training program. The passengers and co-workers in the communities we serve are very diverse. Respect for those differences is an important part of who we are.

Phase 2: Taking It To The Streets

Phase 2 is actually operating the vehicle "in-service." This 2-week long phase includes driving a bus with another coach operator aboard to assist you.

You will apply everything you learned. You will drive safely, pick up passengers, secure mobility devices and provide the excellent customer service of which Community Transit is known.

Congratulations, Graduate!

At the end of your ten-week training program, we host an event to celebrate you and the hard work you’ve put in to become a Community Transit Coach Operator.