Employee Transportation Coordinator Resources

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For more than 20 years, Community Transit has worked with our region's large employers to develop and implement successful transportation programs in conjunction with Washington State's Commute Trip Reduction Law. Community Transit provides Employee Transportation Coordinators (ETCs) with the products, services and support needed to implement robust transportation programs at their worksites.

This page has been created to provide ETCs with resources and information to be successful as an ETC. If you have any questions or need additional assistance, please contact us at ctr@commtrans.org

CTR worksite program materials

Employee Transportation Coordinator Program Guide

When you become an ETC, you’re joining an amazing network of state, local, and private organizations committed to improving the environment and reducing traffic congestion in the Pacific Northwest. This guide can be your roadmap.

The ETC Program Guide accompanies our ETC Basic Training videos found here: ETC basic training

ETC Training Program Guide

CTR Fact Sheet

ETC Recorded Training Library

Each program counts as 1 hour toward your 6 required annual training hours unless stated otherwise. To get advanced training credit please complete the Advanced Training Hours Survey once you have watched a program.

Recorded Training Library

CTR worksite program materials

Use these materials to advertise and request a guaranteed ride home at your worksite. Looking for other materials for your worksite's CTR display or for employees? Request additional flyers or information.

Guaranteed Ride Home Voucher

Guaranteed Ride Home Digital Flyer


Need more help? Contact us at ctr@commtrans.org.