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Journey 2050

Community Transit's Long Range Plan

Project Background

The Journey 2050 Long Range Plan update will guide Community Transit's vision and long-term priorities for 2025-2050.

  • We will consider service frequency, routes, and transit modes.
  • We will evaluate community input, current conditions and forecasts, rider needs, and transit access.
  • We will identify emerging transportation trends and technology and create a framework to leverage future opportunities in transportation.

The final plan will guide Community Transit's investments in services and infrastructure for decades to come.

How should Community Transit grow its transit services over the next 30 years?

We know that to meet population growth in Snohomish County and to provide high-quality public transportation, transit service must grow between now and 2050. We want to know which options for expanding transit are most important to you.

We have placed our service into three categories:

  • Swift Bus Rapid Transit
  • Innovative Services
  • Regular Bus Service

Community Transit will invest in and grow all three service types to improve convenience, reliability, and efficiency.

Project Timeline

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Project Status

We are currently analyzing your feedback from our February 2022 survey. The next opportunity for public input will be in Fall 2022.

Have a question about this project? Send an email to

This is an exciting opportunity for you to shape the future of transit in Snohomish County from 2025 to 2050. All visions for the future are welcome!


Infographic showing relationship between budget, Transit Development Plan and Long Range Plan
This is a picture of the cover for the Planning Context memo. It includes a picture of the Aurora Village Swift station.
Planning Context Memo

The Planning Context memo provides a summary of existing and future land use and transportation conditions that will inform future phases of the long-range plan development.

Cover of PSRC's VISION 2050 regional growth plan.
Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC) VISION 2050

The regional growth plan adopted by the Puget Sound Regional Council highlights forecast land use change and transportation strategies envisioned to support the growth, including Community Transit service.

Learn more about The PSRC Vison 2050

Cover image of Sound Transit 3 Regional Transit System Plan
Sound Transit 3 (ST3) The Regional System Plan

The ST3 plan improves and expands the regional mass transit system by connecting the major cities in King, Pierce, and Snohomish counties with light rail, bus rapid transit, express bus, and commuter rail.

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