Keep your vanpool running smoothly

Community Transit Vanpool vans in a parking lot

Forms and information

Vanpool Agreement

This Agreement establishes the rights and responsibilities of parties as participants in the Vanpool Program established by Community Transit.

ORCA Business payment form

Use this form if you'd like to pay some or all of your Vanpool fare using an ORCA Business Passport provided by your employer.

Driver training

Learn about the driver training process, driver requirements and complete the Vanpool driver application.

Riders Wanted flyer

Recruit new riders to your vanpool with this downloadable PDF flyer. Great to hang up on work bulletin boards or anywhere approved by your Employer.

Vanpool fares

You have the option to pay your monthly Vanpool fare online

Maintaining your van

  • Vans are serviced every 5,000 miles or 6 months, whichever comes first
  • You’ll be contacted when your van is getting close to the due date and an appointment will be set
  • All vans are serviced by Community Transit mechanics at our base in Everett
  • A loaner van is provided while your Vanpool is being serviced
  • Our maintenance procedure is self-service and can be scheduled at your convenience

Emergency ride home

Vanpool has you covered when the unexpected happens. If you have an emergency and you need to leave work early or if you have to work unexpected overtime, we can provide a taxi to take you back to your car. 

Community Transit Vanpool will arrange for an emergency ride home up to two times per year for any vanpool rider if you have used all your rides from your employer or your employer doesn’t offer this benefit. 

  • Call the Vanpool office at (425) 438-2867 during office hours or the emergency phone at (425) 330-3527 after hours
  • Provide us with your name, Vanpool number, current location, and destination. 
  • You can make a stop along the way to your car if you need to pick up a sick child.

Incidents and collisions

Learn what to do if your van is in a collision, has a flat tire, breaks down, is damaged, or if you need to report fuel theft.

If you have questions or need guidance, please call the Vanpool Emergency Phone Line at (425) 330-3527.


  • Check passengers and call 911
    Check passenger for injuries and call first responders for help.
  • Call Vanpool
    Call Community Transit’s Vanpool emergency phone at (425) 330-3527.
  • Exchange information
    Exchange information with the other driver(s). Name, address, phone number, insurance company and policy number.
  • Take pictures
    Take pictures of all vehicles involved. Include the license plates and damage in the photos.
  • Stay at the scene
    Stay at the scene of the accident until released by the police or Vanpool staff.

Flat tire?

  • If safe, put on the spare tire
    Put the spare on if the van is in a safe location and you are able to change the tire. Instructions on changing the tire are in the owner's manual in your glove box.
  • Contact Vanpool for tire repair
    Contact the Vanpool office to schedule a tire repair.
  • Call Vanpool if unable to change the tire
    If you are not able to change the tire, call the Vanpool Emergency Phone Line at (425) 330-3527.


  • Call Vanpool
    If there is something wrong with the van and it’s not drivable, we will make arrangements to pick up the van and help. Call the Vanpool Emergency Phone Line at (425) 330-3527.

Vanpool emergency line
Related forms

Use the Collision Form to document a collision with another vehicle, pedestrian, bike or a fixed object.

Use the Incident Form to document damage to the van while it’s parked.

Use the Gas Theft Form to document any theft of fuel from a Community Transit Vanpool van.