News / Published on Nov 23, 2022

Why we run regular bus service on Black Friday (day after Thanksgiving)

A Community Transit bus full of riders.


Data shows growing ridership on this day

Community Transit buses will operate on a regular weekday schedule the day after Thanksgiving, aka Black Friday.

Before 2020, bus service to Seattle was reduced on this day due to limited demand. Historically, most Seattle office commuters did not work on this day, so many commuter buses had light loads.

Changing trends factored into the decision to offer regular service on this day. Ridership data in the years before 2020 showed a growing demand for bus use during the holiday break. This is believed to be due to various reasons, among them such as more people working those days and shopping. Getting to one of the stores that offer discounts on Black Friday is always exciting!

Also, the decision to offer regular service the day after Thanksgiving had to do with the both the pandemic and opening of Northgate Station.

When the pandemic hit and slashed transit ridership, Community Transit reduced service on routes to Seattle. In 2021, the expansion of Link Light Rail to Northgate provided a major regional connection for Snohomish County residents via our buses, and with that, new riders to our service.

Together, the increasing demand and ridership trends on this holiday weekend, plus the fact we had already reduced service to Seattle, factored into the decision to offer regular weekday bus service the day after Thanksgiving. 

Whatever the reason you may ride the bus that day, we are happy to get you where you need to be.