Blog / Published on Dec 23, 2022

Getting You There Safely

Community Transit provides an essential service. We work hard every day to make sure your ride is a safe and healthy one.

Partnering with you for a safe & healthy ride

Illustration of riders on a bus with tips for safe riding


Community Transit provides an essential service, helping people get from where they are to where they want to be throughout Snohomish County and beyond. We work hard every day to make sure your ride is a safe and healthy one. We need your help too.

What we are doing to help protect our riders

We’ve always been committed to making your ride with us a safe one, and that’s true now more than ever. You’ll see our commitment to safety throughout your journey with us. 

Disinfecting daily

We disinfect every bus, every day with an emphasis on surfaces that are touched more frequently, like handrails and poles. We’ve also increased cleaning schedules in our employee and public spaces.

Providing masks if you need one

Masks are recommended when riding public transit. We provide masks on board all of our buses for those who need one. Masks are also available to all employees. In addition, drivers are provided with a face shield option and gloves for added protection.

Upgraded air filtering and circulation

We've upgraded the air filters for our buses and buildings. Even with the windows closed, the air inside of our buses is exchanged with fresh air about every five minutes. As weather allows, drivers and riders may also open windows for additional air circulation.

Following public health guidelines

We’re working closely with local public health authorities to follow the latest guidance for safety measures. We have dedicated a team to regularly create and evaluate our policies, procedures, and practices.

Contact-free payment

We encourage use of an ORCA card for fast, contact-free fare payment. Just tap your ORCA card on the reader at the front of the bus, or at the Swift station, and you are ready to go.

Taking care of our employees

Throughout the pandemic, we have given special care to the safety of our employees and their families. We have put policies and procedures in place in response to changing conditions to make sure we are doing what we can to provide a safe working environment.

Keeping you informed

We consistently use social mediarider alerts and other communication channels to keep customers informed of the latest safety information.

What we ask riders to do to help protect themselves and others

We are proud to provide an essential service to riders who need it each and every day. We ask that you help by using our services responsibly and making safe choices before, during and after your ride.

Masks recommended

Masks are recommended while riding our service to help protect yourself and others. Masks are available on board our buses if ever you need one.

Stay home when sick

Avoid riding if you are sick or think you may have been exposed to COVID-19.

Wash your hands frequently

Wash your hands often, or use hand sanitizer when not near a sink, and avoid contact with common, high-touch areas.

Pay contact-free

Using an ORCA card is the fastest way to pay and no need to handle cash or change. Just tap your card on the reader at the front of the bus, or at the Swift station, and you are ready to go.

Stay informed

Follow us on social media for the latest safety updates. Subscribe to our Rider Alerts and use BusFinder for up-to-the minute service updates.

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