Blog / Published on Feb 15, 2023

Real-time, online schedules replace printed schedules

Community Transit no longer prints Bus Plus books. We are committed to providing real-time, accurate schedules and trip information.

A woman reviews a route map in the Bus Plus book.

Community Transit will no longer print Bus Plus books.

The Agency decided to stop printing Bus Plus, a printed schedule and route guide for Community Transit buses that have been available for many years. The last published book was in March 2021.

In place of this book, Community Transit is committed to providing customers with real-time, accurate schedules and trip information. Customers can access this information online through the Community Transit website, trip planner, and other online tools. We will still supply printed schedules upon request, for those who prefer paper schedules. Customers can call Customer Care at (425) 353-7433.

A few reasons led to the decision to stop printing the Bus Plus book. One of the primary reasons is the long lead time needed to produce the book. As Community Transit schedules and routes can change often, the printing process for the Bus Plus book would need to be completed well before the service change date. As a result, there was a potential that the book could sometimes be out of date by the time it was available to customers, leading to confusion and frustration.

We understand that no longer printing the Bus Plus book may disappoint some longtime customers. However, it is a necessary step for Community Transit to ensure that all schedules and route information are up-to-date and accurate. By supplying real-time information online and continuing to offer printed schedules upon request, Community Transit is committed to making the transition as smooth as possible for all its customers.