Blog / Published on Feb 28, 2023

Black History Month and Public Transit

Black History Month and public transportation are connected in several ways. Read about the connection and about ways to continue learning.

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Black History Month and public transportation are connected in several ways.

One of the most notable connections is the role of African Americans in developing and growing the public transportation industry. For example, many African Americans were employed as conductors, drivers, and maintenance workers in the early days of public transportation. They helped build and operate the systems vital to urban life. The leadership and advocacy of African American people during the civil rights movement were and are integral in shaping public transportation into what it is today.

Public transportation played a significant role in the civil rights movement. 

The theme of Black History Month for 2023 was “Black Resistance,” It describes opposition to historically oppressive rhetoric and systemic injustice. One example of Black Resistance was a cooperative between Black and White civil rights activists called the Freedom Riders. The Freedom Riders traveled throughout the American South, purposely drawing attention to the civil rights movement. To learn more about the Freedom Riders, click here

Black History Month reminds us that resistance is something that we can all practice when we observe opportunities to improve and create a future that is bright for all people. As Black History Month 2023 ends, it’s essential for us to continue learning the history we may not have had the opportunity to learn about as part of United States history. 

Some ways you can continue learning: