News / Published on Apr 13, 2023

Lynnwood Transit Center Parking Garage is Open; Surface parking closed during construction

Learn where to park and how to access your bus stop safely during construction at Lynnwood Transit Center

Sound Transit opened its new parking garage at the Lynnwood Transit Center on Monday, April 17. The parking garage has 1,670 parking stalls in a five-story structure. 

Starting April 18, parking lots south of 200th St SW between 46th Ave SW and 44th Ave SW will close as construction continues. Until construction is complete, everyone must park their car in the garage. 

Please review the map below to understand where to park and how to safely access your bus stop or the RideStore.

Level 1 (B01) at Lynnwood Transit Center Garage

Pictured above: Please drop off your passengers in the garage on Levels B01 or Level 1 to access the pedestrian walkway to the transit center bays and the RideStore.

Garage Parking and Drop-Off Tips

There are two vehicle entrances: (There is no parking access from 46th Ave W.)

  • From 48th Ave W to Level B01 in the garage
  • From 44th Ave W to Level 1 (see map below)

Enter and exit the garage from 44th Ave W leading to Level 1 or 48th Ave W leading to level B1 of the garage. ADA vans and oversized vehicles should enter from 48th Ave W (see map). You cannot access the garage from 46th Ave W.

Use the marked pedestrian walkway. You will come and go out of the north side of the garage on level 1. Remember to follow the signs to get to your bus. Only cross 46th Ave SW at the marked crossing and follow the path by the RideStore to the north side of the bus loop.

Keep an eye out for the “cross safely” signs. Please do not cross construction areas or the bus loop except at marked crossings. 

Allow extra time to get to your bus. Traveling from the upper floors of the garage and through the marked pedestrian walkway may take a few additional minutes. In addition, you may experience delays or detours from construction on nearby streets. Plan your trip accordingly so you don’t miss your bus.

We know parking has been difficult during construction. The garage adds more than four times the number of parking spots than what’s currently available! Once construction is complete and the light rail opens, 226 parking stalls in a surface parking lot will be available. There will be more than 1,900 parking stalls at Lynnwood Transit Center, 500 more spaces than before construction.

Lynnwood Transit Center Parking Garage Map  showing no parking access from 46th Ave W