News / Published on Sep 1, 2023

New, User-Friendly Online Schedules: Your schedule, your way

Your Feedback, Our Inspiration

We’ve heard you loud and clear. Navigating through schedules can feel like solving a puzzle. Our goal is to simplify that for you. Thanks to your input, we've redesigned our online schedules. They are more user-friendly and easier to read. These changes will debut on our website on Wednesday, Sept. 6.

What to Expect
Accessing your route information should be a breeze. So, we designed our new online schedules for clarity. No more sifting through unneeded details. We want you to understand your routes and trip times at a glance.

Below is an example of Route 222’s schedule showing the new default view. This table shows the current day’s schedule for key stops along a route. Not every stop is shown in this condensed route preview.

A screenshot of Route 222 showing a new default view for online schedules.

Customize for Your Convenience:
We all have our preferred routes and stops, right? With our new online schedules, you’re in control. You can still customize the timeframe and layout. 

Here's what's new:

  • Default view -  By default, we show you the current day’s schedule for key stops along a route in a table view. This view shows fewer stops for a condensed route preview (Pictured above).
  • All Stops -  You can see all stops on a route by selecting “All Stops” in the View dropdown menu (see below). Remember-- all stops that are not timepoints have estimated times. Timepoints are stops along a route where typically buses will not leave or pass by before the scheduled time. 
  • Custom - Select stops on the route you want to view and print. It's all about tailoring the info to fit your unique travel needs. When you click on a stop, it becomes shaded in blue (Example pictured below).

An example of using the Custom view to select stops you want to see or print

Opening image of virtual tour featuring Community Transit's new online schedule layout. A tablet, desktop and mobile phone show the same schedule layout.

Getting Started

Head to our website on Wednesday, September 6, click "Maps & Schedules" and dive right in. If you'd like to learn more, click on the green "New Design Tour" button.

Stay Connected

We're committed to making your transit experience as smooth as possible. These new online schedules are just one of the ways we're doing that. So, try them, and email us to let us know what you think. You can also call Customer Care at (425) 353-7433. Your feedback is what drives us to keep improving.