News / Published on Oct 3, 2023

One Double Tall to Go

What would you do with a double-decker bus?
Five Community Transit double-decker buses parked side by side.

Community Transit is offering six double-decker buses for auction to the public Oct. 4-11 through Murphy Auction in Marysville. These iconic two-story buses, the agency has dubbed Double Talls, are roomy, seating 70+ passengers each or offering double the space for a creative venture.

Because Community Transit purchases its buses with public funds, when it comes time to surplus them after their transit life is over, they go to auction. These buses are well maintained and have between 190k-250k miles on them.

What would you do with your very own double-decker bus? A food truck might be fun. How about a private holiday lights shuttle? A group ski trip? A two-story motor home to turn road trips into glamping. Imagine the memories (and selfies). The possibilities are endless!

The only question now is: where will your dreams take you? 

The auction is available online Oct. 4 through Oct. 11. You can see a sample of vehicle photos at