News / Published on Jan 30, 2024

Is your Youth ORCA card not working? It may need to be registered.

Learn how to register your free Youth ORCA card.

Youth pay no fare when they ride with Community Transit.

Back in August 2022, Community Transit began offering free rides for people 18 and younger on all transit services. To help encourage youth to take transit, Community Transit partnered with local schools and community partners to distribute Youth ORCA cards. Outreach has been a success, with thousands of cards distributed to youth across our service area.  

If you received a Youth ORCA card from your school or a local organization, it may not be registered. Beginning Feb. 1, 2024, unregistered cards will no longer work when scanned.  

Registering your ORCA card only takes a few minutes! Youth 18 and younger can register their card and request reactivation by visiting or by calling the Community Transit RideStore at (425) 348-2350 . If you request reactivation online, please allow up to two weeks for your card to start working normally again. Calling Community Transit directly is the fastest way to get your card reactivated. 

Youth ORCA cards that were ordered directly from are automatically registered. Not sure if your card is registered? Fill out the form at the link or call and we can help answer your questions.  

Youth 18 and younger are always allowed to ride for free, even if they don’t have an activated ORCA card. Just let the driver know that you are a youth rider when you board. 

The Free Youth Transit Pass resulted from the Move Ahead Washington transportation package, passed by the Washington State Legislature in Spring, 2022, and was approved by the Community Transit Board of Directors in August 2022. Many transit agencies across the state offer free rides on their services. We are excited to bring the freedom of transit to a new generation!